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From innovative telco-games partnerships to Indian Esports growth, we highlight some of the key 5G developments that will push gaming to new heights this year.

Game developers can soon start to benefit from the Verizon and Unity collaboration that will allow for a variety of high-performance 3D apps without having to invest in expensive hardware. The combination of 5G Ultra Wideband, mobile edge computing and real-time 3D applications will be transformative for gaming experiences.


We consider ourselves a ‘people-centric’ company, striving to keep our team’s mental wellbeing a consistent focus. As a global digital distributor, Genba is a 24/7 business supporting over 50 games publishers and developers and an etailer network of 150 spanning across multiple time-zones. …

Genba Digital

We deliver game-changing distribution for video games and software. Our leading cloud platform connects content publishers and retailers around the globe.

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